Simply managed audio entertainment for the socialite.
Keep enables users to play, manage, and enjoy auditory media among friends. Designed for kick-backs, Keep interfaces with any web-connected, bluetooth-enabled device to allow the user to link multiple non-proprietary Bluetooth speakers. The web-based app makes adding and managing different speakers simple and allows users to set sound configurations tailored to their environment.

The need for Keep arose from the trending shared housing environment of the millennial. As people move in together, they bring their personal items that may not be compatible with their housemates’. The Keep overcomes this inconvenience of proprietary speakers, allowing them to work together. This product targets social young adults who live in a temporary, shared space.

Keep’s design gives it presence in a room - noticeable, without being obtrusive. The form is simple and approachable, aimed to fit into the modern living space. The features of the device have been distilled down to an illuminated UI, volume control, charging port, and a single button to control both power and bluetooth connectivity. The final CMF is inspired by other stylish and social consumer electronics.
Product Design
Brand Identity
Pitch Material
How it works
Keep synchronizes multiple Bluetooth speakers to allow harmonization from a single web-connected source.

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