Organically inspired lifestyle eyewear for the slopes.
Freestyle sports on the mountain are all about self expression, and so is the gear. As ski-goggle trends narrow to the “bubble” lens aesthetic, shouldn’t riders be able to push back with their own style? Skiing and snowboarding attracts a lot of alternative riders. Optics is designed to cater to the preferences of this counter culture.  

This pair of protective eyewear draws inspiration from the underlying construction of the orbital cavities. Mimicking the construction of the skull, the design incorporates organic, structural, and fierce styling. Taking a lifestyle approach to this design, Optics breaks away from currently trending minimal frames while providing additional function. The tabs under the frame aid in lifting the goggles from the face without touching the lens. Without compromising visibility or the ventilation system, material was only added where it would not obstruct function.

Although Optics never went further than the proposal phase, it was important to deliver a watertight model that considered all of the necessary parts for manufacturing. The design process began with research that materialized in orthographic sketch explorations. Once the aesthetic was established, the lenses and face contour were printed, and the design was sculpted around these constraints. Once the final form was achieved the model was scanned to serve as a reference in Solidworks. With this scan as an underlay, the final model was built using surfaces to create a solid body.
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