Limited edition vinyl toys to spread brand awareness.
While working at Sprout Studios, these Cat and Dog Vinyl Toys were developed as part of an anticipated future crowdfunding campaign under the Pawscout brand. This initiative explored different crowdfunding avenues and ways of building brand awareness. A mock Kickstarter was developed as well as various social media campaigns and giveaways in order to determine how the company may best connect with their audience. This project allowed us to examine how to ignite interest among their current user base, the crowdfunding community, and media outlets to increase the campaign's reach.

The Cat and Dog figures were chosen for Pawscout’s initial pet capabilities. These base forms serve as a canvas for artists and brand enthusiasts alike to design their own toy. Blanks of the figures would be provided to certain investors of the Kickstarter while a social media campaign incentivizes them to design and share their personalized toys, spreading awareness. Higher levels of investment would include limited edition artist series, further incentivizing campaign support and gaining media attention.

The caricaturization of the cat and dog creates a playful interpretation, while remaining simple in form. The toys have disproportionately large heads making them endearing, and providing a larger canvas for the artist. The simplification of the animals allows artistic freedom, giving the designers of the toy greater opportunity to personalize the figure, strengthening their attachment to the toy and brand.
Cat and Dog Form Design
Onesie Dog
Crowdfunding Campaign
Marcus Eisendorf:
Cat in Space

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